Adolescent with severe crowding, deep bite and asymmetric occlusion 

Young adult with a severe anterior crossbite.  Treatment included orthodontics, limited surgical correction and anterior crowns.  Surgical correction and prosthodontic treatment provided by UT Southwestern faculty.

2-Phase treatment to correct signficant crowding without extractions in a child.

Adult with severe crowding, deep bite and missing maxillary left lateral incisor.

Adult with moderate crowding and missing lower 1st molars.  Final photos include implant replacement of missing molars.  Implant and prosthodontic services were performed by UT Southwestern faculty.


Non-surgical correction of a significant Class III malocclusion in an older teen.

Adult with moderately severe crowding 

Non-surgical correction of an adult with an anterior open bite and Class III occlusion.  Treatment included the extraction of both lower 1st premolars as well as maxillary skeletal anchorage.