Early Orthodontic Treatment  - Phase I

Pediatric orthodontic treatment is known as Phase I treatment. Phase I typically takes place around the ages of 7-8 years old, before all of the baby teeth have been lost.

Pediatric orthodontic patient

Laying a Strong Foundation

The goal of Phase I orthodontic treatment is to lay the foundation on which the adult teeth will be positioned. Early orthodontic intervention allows Dr. Ellis to create adequate space for adult teeth BEFORE these teeth erupt. 

Dental problems that have developed because of thumb sucking or other harmful habits can be corrected before they detrimentally affect the permanent teeth. Children with narrow dental arches, cross bites, large overbites or underbites, and severely crowded or malpositioned teeth will also benefit from Phase I treatment. Dr. Ellis utilizes expanders, braces, myofunctional therapy, and positive motivation to help her youngest patients achieve excellent orthodontic results. Treatment can be done in as short a time as a few months and at most 12-15 months.