Help us welcome Kristen!

Ellis Orthodontics is pleased to welcome Kristen to our staff.  Kristen has many years of experience in orthodontics and will lend a hand as both Dr. Ellis's chairside assistant and new patient coordinator.  Dr. Ellis is thrilled to have such an experienced, friendly person join the Ellis Orthodontics team.  Our mission is to provide exceptional orthodontic care to our patients.  The hard work of our valued staff make that mission possible.  

Big announcement!

After 15 years of service at UT Southwestern, I will be ending my faculty appointment at the end of 2017, to dedicate more time to Ellis Orthodontics and to my family.  This is an exciting and bittersweet event for me - my years on the faculty have been both challenging and rewarding.  The oral surgery faculty is one of the best in the world and I am fortunate to have worked with so many great people.  While I expect that there will be an orthodontist replacing me at UT, my patients are welcome to join me at my private office.  I will accommodate patient transfers gladly.

For my patients at Ellis Orthodontics, I look forward to continuing the pursuit of orthodontic excellence in 2018 with a refreshed and renewed focus on my private practice.  Thank you for your business and for the opportunity to be your orthodontist!

Happy 4th of July, friends!

The Ellis family is looking forward to tomorrow's 4th of July celebration in Lakewood.  We love our traditions - it all starts tonight when we talk about waking up early and doing the Lakewood fun run.  Occasionally that happens, but more often we rack it out of bed, throw on clothes and race over to find a place to sit and watch the parade.  For 12 years we have talked about having a float, and I'm sure the topic will come up again tomorrow.  For the record, my daughter has been on a float once.  So I have moved that off my bucket list.  The thing we never miss are the fireworks - we always manage to get our act together by 9pm one way or another!

I hope you all have a great time doing whatever you do to celebrate our great country.  Given all the political rancor that is nearly impossible to avoid, we need a day to lay aside our disagreements and recognize that all of us, regardless of political affiliation, are so blessed to live in freedom.  May that always be the hallmark of the USA.

Happy 4th of July, friends!

Summertime Smiles

We have been super busy at Ellis Orthodontics this summer creating healthy, beautiful smiles.  It has been a lot of fun seeing my cute, braced up patients around the neighborhood, at the pool and in the office.  If you have been thinking about improving your smile through orthodontic treatment, summer is a great time to start!