Mental resets and the return of the lapsed blogger

In case anyone is checking dates, you will see that I have been on an extended vacation from blogging. Well, I’m back in the saddle with more thoughts, reflections and general commentary to write about. Here’s hoping my readers enjoy!

My return to blogging has me thinking about the importance of mental resets. I’m not sure if this is a term that I’ve made up, but it makes sense to me. If you are wondering “what is a mental reset?”, it is basically an intentional flush of the all thoughts and thought processes that allow procrastination of an issue, in order to facilitate a new perspective, and (hopefully) movement off the deliberation and into action.

I’ll be the first to admit that mental resets can be very hard do to. At the core, a mental reset forces one to break a habit. It means no longer making excuses for not acting by getting bogged down in circular reasoning. I may have a running conversation in my head about an issue, and the progression of thoughts goes nowhere; no action plan or conclusion bubbles up to end my mental conversation. After several times of thinking about the same problem, I find that I cycle into a routine way of thinking. It becomes comfortable to revisit my prior thought processes. Mental stuckness becomes comfortable.

As I get older, I am finding that my comfortable stuckness is becoming uncomfortable at times. It prevents me from solving problems that actually need to be solved. Time is not the luxury that it once was. Procrastination assumes eventual action, but age reminds one that eventuality is no guarantee. Consequently, mental resets are getting easier.