If you have wondered why I use Damon Braces, keep reading

I should talk more about the great benefits of self ligation for orthodontic patients.  My patients wear Damon braces almost exclusively.  You could describe Damon braces as the most technologically advanced bracket available to orthodontists.  The big difference is a small door that turns the brace into a small tube instead of a series of "prongs".  Damon braces allow the orthodontic forces to be reduced to a 2 part system from the 3 part system of traditional braces.  Eliminating one part of the system makes for a tremendous increase in efficiency.   Better efficiency is why I choose Damon braces for my patients.  

I have found that I can accomplish some pretty impressive things with an efficient orthodontic system.  I'd love to talk with you about how Damon braces can help you obtain a fantastic smile.