Expansion thoughts

There are big problems that can be solved and/or prevented by increasing the width of a narrow upper jaw in young children.  Quite often, I see children who would benefit from maxillary expansion - children who were thumbsuckers, used pacifiers, have allergies, are primarily mouthbreathers, etc.  When I see these problems, I recommend an early stage of treatment to improve the arch form and correct the narrow maxillary arch.  What makes Ellis Orthodontics unique is how I correct the narrow maxillary arch.  Unlike many offices that recommend rapid maxillary expansion (daily turning a palatal screw at home), I prefer to take things more slowly.  Often expansion can be accomplished with braces and no additional appliances.  Using this approach, improved dental alignment and appearance accompanies predicable,gentle maxillary expansion.  In more challenging cases, I will use a self activated appliance called a quad helix to slowly and gently expand the upper arch.  

Keeping orthodontic forces light and gentle can produce amazing dental changes.  If you are considering maxillary expansion for your young child, please come talk to me about light force alternatives to rapid maxillary expansion.