Why braces? Esthetics or Function or Both?

Recently I've seen a number of patients who wanted straight teeth but were questioning whether they should get orthodontic care because they thought they were "just being vain".  In fact, the generally understood reason people get braces is for straight teeth, but that is really only part of the story.  Yes - braces will give you nice looking teeth, but more importantly, braces place your teeth in the position where they will best function.  Proper dental function can improve both dental health and dental longevity.  Although it is almost never too late to gain the benefits of improved dental health with orthodontic care, the earlier one obtains needed orthodontic treatment, the better.  Preventing detrimental wear and tear that can result from malpositioned teeth and certain bite problems with early orthodontic treatment provides a life long benefit. 

I often tell my patients that I cannot give them improved dental function without also improving their appearance.  Taking steps to ensure dental health is wisdom, not vanity.  I welcome the opportunity to help my patients obtain a fantastic smile - onethat is both beautiful and optimally functional.