My advice when looking for a dentist....

I subscribe to a local Facebook page and am surprised at how often people ask for advice in finding a dentist.  Fortunately many good names are handed out, so it seems that query by Facebook may, at least in this instance, be a good way to find a dentist.  That said, I would suggest a few other things.

1. Go to a private practing dentist and avoid corporate dental chains.   Unfortunately corporate dental chains often require their employee dentists to "produce" a certain dollar amount of dental work to maintain their job.  Dental chains also will not allow their dentists to determine what materials are used or which dental lab they work with.  While dentistry is a business, the dentist-patient relationship is protected when your dentist is also the owner of his or her business.  

2. Ask personal friends and family who they recommend.  Do not overly rely on internet "ratings" like Google+ and Yelp.   "Word of mouth" referrals are a great way to pre-screen a potential healthcare provider.  Good dentists often have many happy patients in the community who are more than willing to tell you about their experience.

3. Check out the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners website and avoid going to a dentist with a record of board reprimands.    The state board exists for the benefit of Texas dental patients.  Actions that the board has taken against dentists are available on their website.