Early braces for your elementary age child?

Both of my kids had braces in 2nd and 3rd grade to help make space for teeth that had no place to go.  They will still need braces to get everything in the right place once they are in middle school, but those problems will be much easier to fix because of the work that has already been done.

Elementary age children who are in need of early orthodontic treatment, also called Phase I braces, are welcomed at Ellis Orthodontics.  Crossbites, moderate to severe crowding and "buck teeth" are all things that can be helped with early orthodontics.  My goal of early orthodontic treatment is both functional and aesthetic improvement - in other words, better fitting and better looking teeth.

Often, the child's dentist has alerted their parents to the need to visit with an orthodontist, but not always.  I also see young patients because parents are concerned about what is happening in their child's mouth and would like my opinion.  If you think your child needs to have an orthodontic evaluation, I'd be happy to take a look and let you know if your child is a good candidate for Phase I orthodontic treatment.  For your conveniences, there is no charge for the initial exam.