SEO and Google - friend or foe of small business?

As a the owner of a new orthodontic office, I am always on the lookout for new ways to increase the patients seeking orthodontic treatment at my business.   Many other new dentists and orthodontists seek the same thing.  When we talk about what can be done to increase business the one thing that constantly comes up is SEO - search engine optimization - which is needed to drive a website to the top of Google searches.  Blogging new content apparently helps do this.  Numerous businesses are available to do the posting for me; of course with a fee.  I've considered it but have not pulled the trigger yet. 

I haven't pulled the trigger because the posts that I have seen are of no real value to anyone other than the paid for SEO optimizers and Google.  The information posted is common sense stuff that you already know like brush your teeth, flossing is good, smoking is bad, mouth-guards protect teeth and tons of dental humor.  Paying money to appease Google while adding zero valuable information to the public, other than a dental humor inspired giggle, just doesn't make sense.  Maybe I'm shooting myself in the foot and all that my business needs is a steady stream of goofy teeth comics and dental platitudes posted daily to Facebook and on my blog to really take off.  Somehow I doubt it.

So valued patients and curious blog readers, know that I respect your intelligence and value your time.  Ellis Orthodontics presently considers Google more foe than friend of small business and will feed the beast with regular postings that I hope you find fresh, interesting and valuable.