Question - "Why don't you do cleanings?" Answer - As a Dental Specialist, my practice is 100% committed to your Orthodontic care.

Did you know that an orthodontist is a dentist with 2-3 extra years of training specifically in orthodontic care?  After attending and graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry, I continued my education for another 2 years as an orthodontic resident at St. Louis University.  During those 2 years, I was taught by some of the finest orthodontic educators in the country.  I attended class 5 days a week and treated about 60 patients under the supervision of the SLU clinical faculty.  When I wasn't seeing patients, I was attending classes on biomechanics, growth and development, anatomy, statistics, orthodontic principles, and many other classes that prepared me to be an orthodontist.  During my final year at SLU, I completed a Masters Thesis on the impact of patient compliance on post orthodontic satisfaction and was awarded a Masters of Science in Dentistry, as well as a Certificate in Orthodontics. 

My dental education laid the foundation on which my orthodontic residency built.  As a specialist, my practice is fully committed to providing my patients with excellent orthodontic treatment. 

While any person with a dental license can legally provide orthodontic services, only orthodontists are trained by ADA accredited universities and receive ADA recognized specialty designation.  As a dental specialist in orthodontics, I am dedicated to ensuring that the investment you make in your orthodontic treatment is time and money well spent, and one that you will value for a lifetime.