PHoto compliments of ALign Tech

PHoto compliments of ALign Tech

Invisalign / Clear Aligners

Dr. Ellis offers several options for "braceless" orthodontic care at Ellis Orthodontics.  For patients who would like a better smile but without braces, she offers Invisalign, Clear Correct and Simpli5.  

Aligner therapy can correct many orthodontic problems.  Like braces, they require patient compliance to reach your goals of tooth alignment.  Aligners are not worn during meals, however should be worn 22 hours a day.  

Dr. Ellis will be happy to discuss any questions you have about aligner therapy with you.  


How much does Invisalign Cost?

Just like traditional orthodontic treatment, the cost of treatment is based on how long it will take Dr. Ellis to correct your teeth.  Some patients have minimal corrections that Dr. Ellis can correct within 3-4 months.  Other patients have problems that will take a year or more to fix.  The cost of your treatment will be explained at your first visit (which is free!), as will the financing options available.