Help us welcome Kristen!

Ellis Orthodontics is pleased to welcome Kristen to our staff.  Kristen has many years of experience in orthodontics and will lend a hand as both Dr. Ellis's chairside assistant and new patient coordinator.  Dr. Ellis is thrilled to have such an experienced, friendly person join the Ellis Orthodontics team.  Our mission is to provide exceptional orthodontic care to our patients.  The hard work of our valued staff make that mission possible.  

I love this!

Ellis Orthodontics has been a great experiement for me.  Creating a smile making business that reflects my personality and leaves others feeling a personal connection with my office has become my stated purpose.  To be able to state a purpose is an accomplishment - it is moving from the building a dream stage to the development of a business stage.  I suspect that most start up businesses begin as a collection of hopes and dreams without tangible form.  As the startup business is built it becomes tangible, but is still largely a conceptual idea that is hard to nail down.  I'm feeling pretty good about nailing down what Ellis Orthodontics is all about - and I look forward to building on the framework that has been established.

Ellis Orthodontics is OPEN!

I am thrilled to announce that Ellis Orthodontics is up and running!  We are busy creating new smiles and want to thank those patients who have already been in to visit us.  Our external signage goes up this Friday.  Look for our logo at the Woodrow Wilson High School Homecoming parade!  Come back and check our site often as many new things will be posted in the coming days.